Mark Langford Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Piano

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Bristol gigs start time 8:30pm approx unless otherwise indicated.

Blazing Flame gig details here


Sat 20 October (evening) Blazing Flame Concert For Keith Tippett, St Stephen's Bristol. Steve Day, Evans, Langford, Dale, Anderson plus special quest David Mowat.

Sat 6 October (afternoon) Blazing Flame Longwell Records, Keysham: Steve Day, Pete Evans, ML, Julian Dale, Marco Anderson.

Sun 5 August (afternoon) Blazing Flame Amnesty International (Bristol),Goldney House Bristol. Steve Day, ML, Julian Dale, Marco Anderson, David Mowat

Sun 22 July - Exchange Cafe Rebecca Sneddon, ML Dominic Lash, Roger Telford (2-4 pm)

Sun 15 July - Exchange Cafe Hugh Kirkbride, Bob Helson, ML (2-4 pm)

Sun 8 July - Hen and Chicken, Keith Tippett Benefit, Big Band

Sat 23 June - Kino - Vostock 5 - Rebecca Sneddon Matthew Grigg,ML, Dominic Lash, Roger Telford

Sun 10 June - Exchange Cafe - Yvonna Madga, ML, Dominic Lash, Roger Skerman (1.30-3.00pm)

Sun 3 June - Exchange Cafe -  ALT trio - ML, Paul Anstey, Roger Telford (1.30-3.00pm)

Wed 30 May - Greenbank, Steve Day “from the Edge of England” poetry book lauch musics from Pete Evans, Julian Dale, ML (8pm) more info

Sun 20 May - Contact dance - solo music (Participant contact dancers only!), Hamilton House, Bristol

Fri 18 May - Kino, Konik (ML, Lash, Telford), Viridian, Davies / Grigg more info

Sun 6 May - Exchange Cafe - Yvonna Magda, ML, Dominic Lash, Roger Telford - (1.30-3.00pm)

Mon 16 April - Fringe Cafe - Konik - ML, Dominic Lash, Roger Telford  more info

Sun 8 April - Exchange Cafe, - Yvonna Magda, ML, Hugh Kirkbride, Roger Skerman (1.30-3.00pm)

Mon 5 March - Fringe Cafe - Anstey / Gibbs/ Helson / Langford

Wed 21 Feb - Exchange Cafe - Casserley / Goren / Hackett, Brazen Head, Grigg / Langford / Lash  more info

Sun 11 Feb - Contact dance - solo music (Participant contact dancers only!), Hamilton House, Bristol

Sat 10 Feb - 10th February -  Reality Sandwiches - Exchange Cafe (Matinee) - Moore, Langford, Kirkbride, Skerman  more info

Fri 9 Feb - Cafe Kino - ALT Trio (Roger Telford, Paul Anstey, ML,) with Halftone  and Foster/Grigg/Papaioannou/Sneddon see more

Mon 5 Feb - Fringe quartet (Gibbs, Helson, Anstey, ML), Fringe Cafe, Clifton

Tue 30 Jan - Blazing Flame, The Speakeasy, Toorak Hotel, Torquay TQ2 5JS see more

Mon 22 Jan -  Konik (Dominic Lash, Roger Telford, ML), Callahan Magda duo, Foster / Grigg / Kelly / Sneddon - Exchange see more

Fri 19 Jan  - Blazing Flame, The Theatre Shop, Clevedon BS21 6HX see more

Mon 15 Jan - Fringe quartet (Gibbs, Helson, Anstey, ML) with guest Aaron Hawkins (Alto / Soprano)

Sat 6th Jan -  Supersession - Unity Trio (Anstey, Skerman, ML) with many more bands, Exchange